Walkthrough of the BRNR List Interface

On the BRNR sheet page, there are three main sections:

  1. Front Burner for top priority tasks;
  2. Back Burner for second priority tasks;
  3. Sink for miscellaneous tasks.

At the bottom, there is a Burnt Box for archived BRNR Lists.

More specifically, the following buttons make it easier to use the BRNR list:
  1. Click the Add button to add tasks in each section;
  2. Click the Reorder button to reorder tasks in each section; this button supports drag and drop, so you can move an item to another section;
  3. Click the Function button to show the menu for each task;
  4. Click the Remove button in the menu to delete a specific task;
  5. Click the Check box to mark a task finished;
  6. Click the Burn button to archive this sheet and create a new blank sheet;
  7. Click the Burnt Box button to review archived BRNR lists.

If you have any question, please let us know!