Taking Gratitude Journal with BRNR list

Taking a gratitude journal is a proven way to improve our happiness. For example, the famous AI therapy app Woebot provides such a function (See the screenshot below).

Recording gratitude is easy to practice:

  1. take a notebook;
  2. write down the date;
  3. write down anything make us feel grateful in that day;
  4. optionally, we can write down anything make us unhappy in that day, so we can avoid them in future.

Later on, we can open this gratitude journal to review, in order to motivate us when we feel down.

With BRNR, it is more convenient to practice this:

  1. we can use the Front Burner as the section of 'I Feel Grateful for' to record grateful things;
  2. we can use the Back Burner as the section of 'I Can Do Better With' for our future improvement;
  3. Later on, when we review in the Burnt Box, we only see the section of 'I Feel Grateful for' of each gratitude BRNR list, which motivate us by default.

Hope you enjoy using BRNR list. If you have other creative way to use BRNR list, please share with us!

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