How to practice Burner List with paper and pen?

A Burner List can be achieved with pen and paper as shown below.

  1. Let’s fold a piece of paper vertically, and then horizontally.
    1. On the top left is the front burner: it holds the top important items.
    2. On the bottom left is the counter space: a place to store notes for the top important items.
    3. On the upper right is the back burner: it holds the second important items.
    4. On the lower right is the sink: it holds miscellaneous items.
  2. In the front burner, we jot down ONLY the most important projects, which can include more than one tasks.
  3. In the back burner, we write the next most important project, which can also include more than one tasks.
  4. Once finished planning, we can fold the sheet horizontally, prioritizing only the front burner. This can help us to focus on the tasks in the important project.
  5. We can cross out the task once we finished it.
  6. We can add a new task in the blank space of the corresponding project. If it doesn't fit into any project, we can put it on a new Burner list.
  7. When the most important project is completed, we can flip the Burner List over, and focus on the tasks in the back burner or sink.
  8. Once we finish a Burner List, we can "burn" it.

If you want to try a digitalized Burner List, go to the BRNR List.